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Effective Novemeber 25th, 2011

New At Carriacou Health Service

Dr. Ronald Lendore: OB/GYN

will be seeing patients at the center

The last friday of Every Month.

Last Updated November 22nd , 2011


Introducing Carriacou Health Services  

CHS is dedicated to upholding the highest standard of medical care through quality assurance and would serve as a model for the surrounding Caribbean community.
The center opened July 29th, 2005 and started seeing patients Aug 5th, 2005.

Chs also have on site on the second floor modern gym with all modern equipments. Ask about one and one training.


No problem, come on over and find something to work out on. Gym hours are flexible base on demands. Ensure to give us a call for further information.

Just want to ..

Center Information

The health center is a 9500 square foot complex, located on Main Street in Hillsborough, Carriacou. It is a two level structure and has facilities for overnight stays. In addition, it is handicapped accessible.

Designed by Leo Joseph with architects and planners experienced in ambulatory care, the center meets International and US standards for medical centers and is designed consistent with the respected Article 28 regulations for health and surgical centers.

4 Examinations rooms

Radiology department

Consultation room

Operating and Holding Area

Breast Improvement Center

Patient Conference Room



A brain tumor takes up space within the skull and can interfere with normal brain activity. It can increase pressure in the brain, shift the brain or push it against the skull, and/or invade and damage nerves and healthy brain tissue..

Brain Tumor Symptoms


At CHS at different times we perform different services. For current and up coming services ensure to give us call or email for the most up to date information.

Working out is not only for men...

Thinking about toning your body? Need help? Then get some professional guidance for free. Sounds crazy? Don’t take my word for it. Clink on read more for details.

It’s important to keep your blood sugar controlled, because when too much sugar stays in your blood for a long time, it can damage blood vessels and nerves.

Much of the food we eat is turned into sugar in the blood for our bodies to use for energy. A hormone produced by the pancreas called insulin helps sugar in our blood get into the cells of our bodies.

Manage you Type2 Diabetes

Waiting area at CHS.

What’s new at CHS?

Dr Thomas offers treatment in adult care including premature ejaculation treatment, diabetes, heart disease, ED treatmentcholesterol management, male enhancement

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Dr Winston Davidson :Dentist , Will be seeing patients at the center
Every Thursday.

Gentle and affordable Dentistry:
Comfortable Tooth Extraction
Dental Digital X-ray
Root Canal Therapy
Pulp Test
Denture acrylic
Temp. and Sedative Filling
Tooth Polishing
And much more ..

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